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Listing Rates

Options Listing Link Page Photos* Your Logo** Custom Layout One-Click Client Booking Form! Set Up*** Annual Fee***
A yes yes - - - - - - 55.00
B yes yes yes 6+2 Free! - - Free! 23.00 55.00
C yes yes yes 6+2 Free! yes yes Free! 55.00 65.00
*To be sent to us. Alternatively, non-professional photography service add 25.00
**Free scanning/editing of existing logo. Logo creation (our design)
***All rates exclude VAT at the current rate.

 A= Listing with link to your own already-existing website
 B= Listing, with link to full page with 8 photos, FREE direct to owner booking form!
 C= Listing, with link to custom designed web-page with your logo, FREE booking form!

View what an option B page and an option C page look like.

Banner Advertising Rates

Or go for the in-your-face effect and maximum exposure of a fully tracked banner advertising campaign, rates starting from 2.99 per 1000 times your banner is viewed!

Yes, just 2.99 per 1000 times your banner is viewed by potential customers! You will also have full password protected statistics available to you, such as the number of banner exposures, click-through rates, etc. Your banner will appear ONLY on and the supporting multilingual network of sites, so that it will maintain 100% relevance to the persons viewing it, resulting in a high percentage of customers clicking though directly to your site/advert. Banners appear where they can not be missed, at the top of each page. Find more info about banners here.

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